<aside> 💡 We get how important the right emoji can be to creating your distinct culture. That's why we let you use custom emojis in your Venue to make it your own.


<aside> 💡 Custom emoji are currently supported for use in the event's Emoji Cannon and as a message reaction in chat. While you can use :emoji: codes for standard emojis in chat, you won't be able to use them for custom emoji just yet - we're working on it! If there's anywhere else you'd like to see custom emoji supported, please let us know.


How to add custom emoji in Venue


Add a single custom emoji

Importing custom emoji from Slack

Note: If you have <500 custom emoji in Slack, you can import all of them at once! We currently DO NOT suggest you proceed with this method if you have more than 500, since it may cause latency in the front-end application. We will address this issue and endorse adding any amount of Slack emojis in the near future. Just like single emojis, these will also take 60 minutes to appear in the front end.

Did we miss something? Not to worry! Just email our support team at help@venue.live✌️