Add new members to your workspace via email or by setting up allowed email domains.

Invite new members

Go to the members settings page to invite new members to your workspace. You can invite new members individually by email here or during the workspace creation flow. They'll receive an invite link by email.

Invited members will be asked to select teams during the onboarding flow, so we recommend providing guidance if you have more than one team. Members can join or leave any team in the workspace as well as view and create issues in all teams, whether or not they're members of those teams.

Add an allowed email domain

To save time, you can set up an allowed email domain so that anyone with a matching email (e.g. can join your workspace without a manual invite or approval. New users will be prompted to join your workspace if they create a account with a matching email.

If you've invited someone to your workspace who already has a Linear account, they should follow the link in their invite email or click click on their workspace icon and then + Create or Join Workspace.

Manage existing members

Anyone can search for and view members in their workspace but only admins can add or suspend members.

You can leave your workspace from the members settings page. Filter for your name and then click Leave Workspace. You can rejoin workspaces if you've voluntarily left them, not if you've been suspended. View all accessible workspaces by clicking + Create or Join Workspace.

Membership and billing

On free plans, anyone can invite new members to a workspace. On paid plans, only admins can do so as it affects billing. Yearly subscribers will be charged or credited a prorated amount when members are added or removed to their workspace. Learn more in Billing FAQ.

Login with Google, email magic links or SSO & SAML

Members can authenticate into Linear using Google authentication if they have a google email address. For other email addresses or if preferred, we offer login with magic links which sends a login token to the account email. Linear.

We don't support password authentication as it's more secure to login with magic links than with an email and password. We'll consider adding support once we've implemented 2FA. If you login with Google, it'll be as secure as your Google email account (we recommend using 2FA). The desktop app and browser should keep you logged in unless you logout of the app or clear history/cookies on the browser.

For SSO & SAML or to force login with Google, we offer a Plus plan that requires members to login through an identity provider such as Okta, Google, OneLogin and more.

Keyboard Shortcuts

G then S to open settings.

Cmd/Ctrl K then *invite* Enter. It'll popup the invite dialog so you can quickly invite more people.

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