Note:  In case you have multiple factories in Evocon, please make sure you have the necessary factories selected as active (more information here).

Who are office users in Evocon?

Office users are employees within a manufacturing company who need access to Evocon in order to analyse production data (OEE, downtime, production stop reasons, availability, quality, performance etc). They do not have access to Settings but can add and change information in Shift View unless they are set up as read-only users.

An office user role can also be added to an existing factory administrator. For example to give access to another factory for the purpose of benchmarking manufacturing performance without the possibility to change captured data from production machines.

Local administrators should create new office users (either a local factory administrator or company administrator).

How to add a new office user to Evocon?

  1. Firstly, go to “Settings” and “Users” and click “+ User” to add a new user.
  2. Enter the name and username for the user.
  3. Click on "+Role" and choose "Office user" as user role. In case of multi-factory settings, select the factories.
  4. In the station list define which stations the user will have access to and whether the access should be read & write or read-only.
  5. Enable time restriction if necessary. More information here. Click "Save".
  6. Set the e-mail address of the user, select the language and default station (more information here).
  7. Complete the form and click "Save".

If you have any questions about creating new users or managing existing ones then do not hesitate to contact our support.