It is possible to create factory administrators in Evocon if the system connects more than one factory.

Note:  In case you have multiple factories in Evocon, please make sure you have the necessary factories selected as active (more information here).

Who are factory administrators in Evocon?

Factory administrators are employees who are responsible for managing Evocon in one production factory or a group of factories within a company. They can change all of the settings for the factory(ies) that has been assigned to them (e.g. production stop comments, users, operators, OEE levels, products).

A factory administrator can also have an office user role in factories that he/she is not responsible for but is granted access for benchmarking purposes. This allows them to see how their factory is performing compared to other factories in the system. More information on how to add new Office users here.****

Company administrators and existing factory administrators can create new factory administrators.

How to add a new factory administrator?

  1. Firstly, go to “Settings” and “Users” and click “+ User” to add a new user.
  2. Enter name and username for the user.
  3. Click "+Role" to set the user account role.
  4. Choose "Factory administrator" as user role and select the factories. Click "Save".
  5. Add the e-mail address of the user, select the language and define a default station (more information here).
  6. Finally, complete the form and click "Save".

If you have any questions about creating new users or managing existing ones then do not hesitate to contact our support.