To add students to your school, go to students from either the left menu or from your school's profile.

You can either add students one at a time with Add Student or import students from a CSV.

Add student manually

To add a student manually:

  1. Click Add Student
  2. Add the student's first and last name
  3. If the student has a preferred name other, then their given name, add that.
  4. Add the student's grade. That can be either a number like "3" or a combination like "Grade 3" or "Year 4."

Import students

To import students, you'll need a CSV (comma-separated value) file. You can typically create this type of file from either your school information system or a spreadsheet application like Microsoft Excel.

  1. To start, click Import Students.
  2. You can download an example file to show you an example of the correct format for the import file.
  3. Once your file is ready, click the paper clip to select the file
  4. Click Import

Verify the import worked correctly by checking a few students to ensure the fields were properly mapped.