1. Switch the lamp on for the first time

<aside> ☝🏻 The effective range of Bluetooth is about 10 meters. You are advised to perform all operations while keeping your smartphone within a 10 meter-radius from your Bluetooth products. This distance may vary according to the environment (walls, indoor / outdoor…).


Here’s how to turn on Inouï H44 and Mooon! H63 & H134:

Here’s how to turn on Hoop L1200:

Simply plug the power cable of the string of lights into the mains.

2. Pair your first lamp with your device

Now you can start pairing:

  1. Make sure your Bluetooth and location service are activated on your smartphone
  2. Download and open the Fermob Lighting application
  3. Tap “Start”

add a lamp1.png

Wait for the pairing process to complete: the gauge will turn fully red

Your new lamp will appear on the “My Lamps” screen

add a lamp2.png

The light blinks several times to signal that the pairing process is complete.

Well done! You’ve successfully paired your lamp with your device.