You can earn through paid memberships with your publication. Just connect your Stripe account, add plans and start creating exclusive content that only paid members can view and receive via email.


Open your publication. Click on the Settings button.

In Settings, scroll down to the section called Earn. Turn on the toggle that says Allow paid posts. By default, you'll see a Free plan that has already been created for you. You can click on Add Plan to add a new plan to offer your readers. You can add up to 5 plans.

When you click on Add Plan, you can set the details of the plan you're about to create. The price cannot be changed once created. You can revisit and edit other details later.

You can make one of your plans a "suggested" plan. This plan is selected by default and appears slightly larger than the others on the final screen that your readers see when selecting a plan.

The time period is how frequently your reader will be billed on this plan. Select 1 month for a monthly plan, 4 for a quarterly plan, 12 for an annual plan, or something custom that suits your needs.

You can also select or create an email template to welcome members who sign up for a specific plan. For example, you might want to welcome someone who signs up for your annual plan differently, tell them about their benefits and direct them to any exclusive resources they've unlocked.