Currently available for PowerShell consulting and Article Writing!

Who I am


Much of my IT career has been a case of diving into any project or technology put in front of me, and becoming proficient as quickly as possible. Honestly, that's what is most exciting about the IT field. Learning something new every day, no matter the difficulty.

[(309) 319-6385](tel:(309) 319-6385)

Having the chance to work with folks all over the world in various projects, has really helped to broaden my perspective on IT, management and collaboration. I am very grateful for those opportunities and very much look forward to future projects!

Technologies I know and love!

✅ NGINX, Apache, & IIS

✅ Ansible

✅ PowerShell


✅ Varnish


✅ Prometheus

✅ Docker

✅ Redis

✅ VMware

✅ Azure

✅ Algolia




✅ Hugo

✅ DigitalOcean

✅ Grafana