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Adabdha (aːdaːbdʱa:) in Sanskrit means an unbroken chain that can be traced to its source. The core tenet of this project is to offer a decentralized alternative to the traditionally accepted opaque process of granting of licenses and permissions, whether in the physical or the digital world.

In the next few sections, we at BlockVigil propose a 100% verifiable and traceable solution to present an unbroken chain of evidence and transparency specific to a process of granting permissioned passes.

We have chosen the Ethereum blockchain and its cryptographic primitives as the underlying platform to enforce a trustless mechanism that ensures no part of such a process lies outside the ambit of auditability and independent verification.


Governments across the world have initiated strict lockdown measures to curb the spread of CoVid-19 infection. Principally only the following cases are being allowed freedom of movement:

  1. Essential delivery services.
  2. Emergency medical need.
  3. Any act in service of others in distress. For eg. NGOs and individuals feeding strays, homeless folks, stranded migrant workers etc.

This allowance is currently granted in the form of vehicle passes after a centralized verification process involving one or multiple administrative officers across departments of Police, Transport/Motor Vehicles etc.

Such processes usually proceed like the following

  1. Submit an application form (at the nearest Police Station or maybe online) which has at least the following details stating
    1. the purpose of movement
    2. proof of Identity and license to operate vehicles as applicable
    3. proof of employment or association with an organization
    4. the intended areas of movement
  2. The form moves through a sequence of officers who verify the applicant's identity, check against past criminal or civic records as well as the organization that they are representing or employed by.