Importing data

Importing data is typically one of the very first actions you take inside a Dropbase Worksheet. This is where you bring tabular data or flat files such as CSV or Excel files into Dropbase. You can import data using an Import Step.

Processing data

Once you import data into Dropbase, you can start processing it using Processing Steps. You can process data by applying Processing Steps directly from the Spreadsheet view, by clicking on the column name, or by adding Steps in the Data Flow by clicking on the '+' button in the right Sidebar.

For a complete list of processing Steps, go to the Processing Step section in the documentation.

Where to process from? (Spreadsheet vs Sidebar)

Applying Processing Steps from the Spreadsheet View or from the Sidebar (Dataflow) results in your data being processed the same way for the same Step. The only difference is that adding Steps from the column menu in the Spreadsheet view automatically targets the selected column whereas applying Processing Steps from the Sidebar requires you to select which column you want to target for processing.

Previewing data

After you apply any processing Step and it finishes running, the Spreadsheet view will refresh with the new data that reflects the applied Step. Clicking on a previous or earlier Step allows you to preview how the data looked like before you applied the latest Step. These previews are called Snapshots. This is a great way to track how your data is changing as you apply processing Steps to it.

Filtering data

You can apply filters to your data to narrow it down to a specific part of your dataset. This makes it easy to see what Processing Steps need to be applied.

Sorting data

You can apply sorting to your data to display it in your desired order. This makes it easy to find the data you want to process with your Processing Steps.

Loading data to database

Once you have processed your data and are happy with how it looks, you can load (or export) the data to the Database. You use the Load to Database Step to perform this action. A Load Step is always anchored to the bottom of the Dataflow by default. When you click on the 'Load to Database" button, Dropbase will process all your Steps and load the data to the database. When the Load Step successfully completes, you can click on "View Data" to see the data that has been uploaded to the Database. Note that a View Worksheet will automatically open with the data you just exported.

Viewing data

You can view data in the Database using a View Worksheet or with Database Manager. To view data in Worksheet, you can open a new Worksheet by clicking on the "+" near the Worksheet tabs and import some data from "Dropbase DB" or you can click on "View Data" after a successful data export applied from a Load Step. To view data in Database Manager, click on Databases in the top menu and navigate to the table you want to view.

Querying data