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Mental Frameworks

As your library grows, you can add more of your favourite tags here to quickly access them from anywhere, anytime.

Current Progress Goals

<aside> 💡 Here you'll find all progress goals that you've identified from your Insights. Once a progress goal achieved your desired Outcome, tick off the Success Checkbox.


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Implemented Progress Goals

<aside> 🎉 Look back at your wins and celebrate the progress goals that you've successfully used to attain your desired Outcome. Who knows, maybe these progress goals hold some lessons as to what works for you?


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My Insights

<aside> 💪🏼 Here are some insights that still need work - you've written them down, but they don't have an outcome goal connected yet. Tick the Currently working it out? checkbox to get any insight ready to be turned into an action and then jump to the section below.


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Turning Insights into Actions 💡 → 🎯