Last Week Actionables


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First meeting to discuss achievements.

Discussion Summary

Original doc - Achievement Raid

Overview: As one of the oldest raids(season 1) Achievements are meant to recognize the growth, contribution, and dedication of metagame members. Currently, our only gauge of achieving things in MetaGame is XP number & rank go up. Giving out achievements & POAPs in the form of NFTs on a regular basis will help to boost morale, show off our personal MG wins on-chain & flex the sick creative skills we have in our community, and open up a lot of cool stuff we can do with NFTs.

Questions to answer

There are 5 main aspects of the project that need to be broken down Artwork, Shilling and what we are presenting to the public,Which achievements,Ranking / levels andΒ  Minting

#1 : Artwork

What kind of art are we looking for? To start as a base we have the current set of Octos from season 1 as well as Champion Badges that can be used but preferably making new ones to commemorate the new age of achievements.

2D or 3D models? Having styles of both allows variability in allowing us to have different styles for different achievements.

Soundscape/music included in a scene? What would it take to put in an NFT? Is this something we would be interested in?

#2 Public outreach

What information are we giving to the community to garner hype around achievements?


Link to video - 1:47:00 Misanth shows a card he has been working on in blender , from the reaction of members in the call , this is a design that could be good but can potentially take a lot of work.