From what devices you can enter and manage your Picksell account

You can enter your account from desktop, mobile or tablet with any OS, but only desktop admin is optimised for convenient managing.

Very soon Picksell admin app will be released for your comfort.

Password reset

You can reset the password for your account from the login page and in your admin page.

Check detailed guide how to reset the password.

How to pay for your Picksell subscription and services

After you subscribe to a plan and your account got Live status, every 30 days you will be billed for the tariff (including subscription and transactions fees) and every 7 days for provided delivery service.

We will send the invoices by mail, and also display it in your personal Picksell account.

Check detailed info on how to pay bills and get invoices.

Changing your plan

<aside> 💡 You will be charged for a full month of active plan even in case you change it before the month is finished.


To change a plan of your account please go to Settings —> Pricing plan.

In this section you can see already connected plan and able to change it.

Select a plan you would like to switch to or compare with your active one.

Compare before switching to a new plan. And push Activate now if you ready and sure. Your plan is changed successfully!