You're obsessed with helping our customers. You're deeply curious about what they're trying to achieve and why, and how we can get them there. You love building relationships and understanding where others' point of view.

You thrive in an environment of constant learning and experimentation. You think in terms of patterns and systems. It's not enough to solve the problem once — you want to solve it forever. What are the common themes we're seeing from our customers, and how can we help them more consistently? What are the best channels for delivering support and guidance?

The Role

We're seeking an account manager who will own customer support and data migration.

Your day-to-day will include in-depth calls with customers who are deploying Air across the organizations; occasional support tickets to unblock users who have questions in the product; and collaboration with engineering teams to get bugs fixed and customer data migrated.

Your experience

How will you spend your time?

Though you can expect this balance to change as we grow, here's how the work breaks down today:

About the Customer Experience team

You'll join a Customer Experience team that includes sales, account management, product marketing, support, and customer insights and serves as the voice of the customer inside Air. We are creative, curious, empathetic, and driven by impact for our customers and the business.


This is an example of how you can give your job descriptions some life. At Air, we use this section to highlight our company mission, values, culture, and personality.