This guide provides instructions for accessing your server's IPMI console. The IPMI console is used in a variety of functions including troubleshooting and OS installations.

Getting Started

  1. Log into
  2. On the "Servers" page select the server ID you are trying to access.

If you have an AMD server with us, you can proceed with the ASRock IPMI section of this guide, otherwise, proceed with the Supermicro IPMI section.


  1. For Asrock based systems you will continue in IPMI via the web browser of your choosing. In DedicatedCP, you will need to select "Manage ACLs" and "Grant IP Access" prior to opening the "Web CP" link in another browser tab.

    Note: if you just created your IPMI account via the “create” button you will need to contact our support team to adjust your permissions. This limitation currently only applies to Asrock based systems.

  2. Select “Remote Control” and “Launch KVM”. A separate window will open with the Asrock HTML5 IPMI console.

Supermicro IPMI

  1. For Supermicro based systems you will have to use the java based IPMI console directly from You can access this console by clicking the “Launch KVM” button.

Connection Failed

When selecting "Launch KVM" if you get a connection failed error after attempting to open to the console you will need to log into IPMI and check the "Date and Time".