While Warmly is available directly in Zoom, it can also be used side-by-side with any videoconferencing platform, such as Google Hangouts, Bluejeans, or Webex.

To access Warmly for Web, go to rapport.warmly.ai and select "Sign in with your work email."


Select the work email you take most of your meetings with. At this time, you can only be signed into Warmly with one account at a time - multi-account support is coming soon.


If you've never signed in, you'll be prompted to give permissions to Warmly for the first time. We need these permissions so we can give you the insights on the people you're meeting with.


If you've already signed in, we'll reconfirm what accesses you've provided Warmly. Select "Allow" to continue.


You're in! If you're using the web version of Warmly, we recommend turning it into a one-click-to-open web app. Click here to see a demonstration on how to do that!