We have a close-knit and very active community of like-minded Financial Freedom Fighters, connected together by our Whatsapp Group.

In this community, open discussions happen. This is different than a few others where only Admins can post. You can get your queries answered and participate in healthy discussions to enhance your learning and grow.

Apart from great investment ideas, we also provide you with -

Mandatory Intro Call

As a custom of our community, every member must set up an intro call with @Team Moneyplication. This is a 15-minute call where we get to know each other.

In this call, we understand your background as a person and as an investor. We try and get into visualizing your goals and align you with the right mindset. We also try to gauge your risk profile + your asset allocation, thereby assessing a fit of it with this community and suggest you a path forward.

If you don’t take up this call but are still a part of the community, we sadly would have to part ways shortly. We clean up the Whatsapp Group once in a quarter and get rid of the members who are not aligned; to make way for more interested people. So we recommend you to take this call as early as possible to maintain your seat in the community.

Click here to join the Community Whatsapp Group.

If you have already joined but have not taken the intro call, Click here to book a slot right away.