Picksell Pay overview

Picksell Pay is the only one payment method supported by Picksell e-commerce platform and included in all Picksell plans. Each Picksell Platform plan also enables you to integrate Picksell Pay into your website or app.

<aside> 💡 Picksell Pay is available for integration into any website or app. Learn more.


Picksell Pay is a PSD2-compliant payment method, which enables business to accept online instant payments meeting high data security requirements. Picksell Pay lets your customers choose what data to share, they are fully in control of their personal information and protected from any data misuse.

<aside> 💡 Instant payments are electronic everyday payments that are processed within seconds and credited from one bank account to another without any intermediary. Whole process is completed in under 10 seconds for both payer and payee. Instant Payments can be processed at any time, 24/7/365. Instant Payments are always single payments, and every transfer is irrevocable.


Key features

Picksell Pay stands for good terms:

✔️ €0 monthly cost

✔️ Transaction fees less than 1%

✔️ No hidden fees, you pay only when you make a sale

✔️ No chargebacks, no deposits, no acquiring, no intermediaries

✔️ High level of data security of your clients in accordance with GDPR and SCA

✔️ Everyday instant payments directly into your bank account

✔️ No bank cards, no cash

Where can you accept payments with Picksell Pay

At the moment you can accept online payments via Picksell Pay at any location but only from/on accounts of German or Austrian based banks..

<aside> 💡 Due to Picksell Pay works in compliance with OpenBanking standards (PSD2) it proceeds payments between limited number of banks. For now it is about 3000 banks, mostly operating on territory of Germany and Austria.We work hard to make this list as big as possible, you and your clients will be enabled to connect any EU or UK bank account to Picksell Pay very soon.


What currencies does Picksell Pay support

Picksell supports only EUR so far.