Academic Information

While academic performance is not often correlated with future performance on the job, we collect this information to improve the accuracy of our models. Additionally, some firms are still interested in knowing your GPA, and the hard work you've put into your studies should not go unnoticed.

<aside> ☝ Please note that it is entirely optional to provide your GPA. In fact, some schools have rules around timing of disclosure of GPA, so be sure to follow your school’s policy and also consider the process needs of the firms to which you are applying.


Demographic Information

We collect your demographic information for a few reasons.

First, we rigorously test every model for bias to ensure no adverse impact is present against any demographic group. By collecting candidate demographic data, we are able to continuously test and ensure no adverse impact is being perpetuated or created.

Additionally, many of our clients have diversity programs focused on attracting candidates from underrepresented demographic groups and want to be able to ensure representation throughout their processes.

<aside> ☝ Please note that it is entirely optional to provide your demographic information and will in no way be factored into our predictive models and your resulting scores.