Triangirls was co-founded by Anna Youngs and Rachael Grocott. Tired of being the minority when attending meetups, they made a better meetup!

Over the last three years, we've grown from 20 people meeting up in a cafe, to an industry-known group with over 100 attendees per sell-out event. Triangirls host panels, workshops, and fireside chats covering topics such as imposter syndrome, confidence and public speaking, pay negotiation and leadership.

Our previous speakers have included senior folk from Google, Trainline, Product Hunt, Monzo, Zoe Laughlin (of The BBC’s Big Life Fix & ITV’s This Morning) as well as people from our community. Having people speak who our audience can relate to is also really important to us. We're a welcoming and diverse community, aspiring to inspire women everywhere.

About the name

We started life in a Slack community of Product Designers called Triangles where we created a channel within that for women: Triangirls.

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Meet Rachael

Rachael is a Senior Product Designer, currently working at Trint. She has eight years experience working both in-house and in an agency.

Throughout the majority of her career, she’d grown used to being the only woman in the company. Realising that this was the norm for others too, she wanted to create a space for women to meet and support each other to navigate their careers in tech.

Rachael loves to share her experience of championing diversity & inclusion at talks, panels or workshops. She's been interviewed by Vice, spoken at Samsung, Monzo, TransferWise and numerous conferences. Get in touch for bookings.

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Meet Laxmi

Laxmi has worked in digital for over 12 years and currently works in delivery at Made Tech.

That’s right, she's not a designer!!!! Laxmi first came across Triangirls through word of mouth and ended up attending their events.

Laxmi appreciated the safe space that was created for women in tech and then built up her confidence to run an event for the Triangirls community.

Since then, she kept in touch and appreciates the effort the Triangirls team put into running the community.