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Welcome to the about us page of Civilization Rights Institute (CRI). We are a nonprofit scientific and research institution committed to promoting and safeguarding the heritage, cultural rights, and Civilization Rights of every individual and nation.

The concept of Civilization Rights encompasses a set of foundational principles outlined in the Universal Declaration of Civilization Rights, which emphasizes the rights inherent to all countries, nations, and communities to protect their civilization, whether ancient or modern. This includes cultural heritage, archeological monuments, and material rights related to various fields like astronomy, technology, arts, and architecture.

The Universal Declaration of Civilization Rights affirms people's entitlement to respect the cultural heritage that forms an integral part of their identity, history, and civilization. It recognizes the collective cultural dignity of people and condemns any violation of cultural rights in any form.

CRI supports the formation of a Civilization Rights Alliance to promote and increase awareness of these rights and encourage their adoption. Our goals are centered on research, education, community welfare, and the rights of all civilizations (past, present, and future). We do not support, participate or intervene in any political campaigns, nor do we take a stand or discriminate based on political orientation, race, color, religion, national origin, gender identity, or ideology.

Our field of inquiry, Civilizology, calls upon specialists and scientists from specialized fields to study and document the contribution of various human civilizations. It adopts scientific approaches to trace the roots of civilization rights and the processes that generate civilization outcomes and artifacts.

We believe that civilization resilience is crucial in ensuring the continuity of civilizations. It is the capacity of civilizations to avoid failure or slow down due to acute and chronic shocks while increasing their ability to learn, adapt, and grow. Our mission is to sustain human civilizations in their original environments by respecting, protecting, and fulfilling their rights following the Universal Declaration of Civilization Rights.

We observe Civilization Rights Day every year on June 10 to commemorate the issuance of this declaration as a milestone document in proclaiming civilization rights worldwide. We also promote initiatives, developmental projects, and collaborations that aim to assess the needs of civilization heritage sites, implement conservation interventions, and accelerate progress toward sustainable development goals in these sites.

At CRI, we are committed to our vision of sustaining human civilizations by respecting, protecting, and fulfilling their rights. We strive to unite efforts at national and international levels to raise awareness and assert civilization rights, increase cooperation and dialogue, and lessen tension and misunderstanding among different civilizations.