For the elyrian months, six in total, I used a nicely/naive graphic binary scripture (:) for zero and (.) one: for aesthetics, I prefer negative numbers for sorting the second half. Another benefit of mnemonics pictograms is that alphabetical sorting works as intended, which is a plus when working with databases.

Each month lasts exactly 28 RL hours (in Real Life) and is composed of two weeks of 5 EL days each: Auror, Neera, Medira, Qinder and E'en respectively.

During the 60 elyrian days that last an elyrian year, those twelve weeks are named after the CoE: Zodiac Houses... which can lead to regular dates written like "[...] Lunai Auror of <Trison>", a sample date that I can't stop linking to the "Betrayal of Luna" legend for no reason.

Since there are only week one (¹) and week two (²) each month, one has to pay attention to which day of the week ("Medira" for instance) in that month someone is refering to, especially in Contracts when one would have to make a delivery in due time: naming the zodiac week is less error prone.