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We're Paul & Meg.

This all started with Paul's Medium Article - Facilitation Card Decks and an idea Paul had about turning the article into a full-blown review website.

Meg thought it was an awesome idea and together they launched the beta version of this project!


Paul McGregor

Collaboration Broker | Host of the Beyond Consultation Podcast

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πŸ”— Paul's LinkedIn | Business Lab

Meg Bolger

Captain of Facilitator Cards | Firm believer that facilitation can change the world

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πŸ”— Meg's Website | Facilitator Cards


Lauren Scott

Organizational L&D Specialist | The Dastardly Trainer

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πŸ”— Lauren's LinkedIn

Robin Funsten

Coach, Consultant, and Community Advocate


πŸ”— Robin's Website

Leanne Hughes

Host of the First Time Facilitator podcast


πŸ”— Leanne's LinkedIn

Juan Daniel Sobrado

Author of Learning Legendario


πŸ”— Juan's Website

Wayne Hetherington

Agile Coach


πŸ”— Wayne's LinkedIn

<aside> πŸ’‘ If you want to contribute to the project you can add a review, send us a thing to get reviewed, leave us feedback or reach out to Paul at pmcgregor@gmail.com or Meg at Meg@facilitator.cards


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