POLI308D and POLI405E — "Issues in Canadian Politics" — were courses in the Winter terms of 2021 and 2022 at the University of British Columbia. 67 students, in groups of 3-6, created materials for the issueguides.ca websites. The course and all the collaborative work took place online in 2021 and in person in 2022.

The work involved planning the scope of the site, finding and assessing source material, creating a site plan, conducting the research, curating and presenting the information, and designing the final public-facing sites.


Guidance was provided by Professor Fred Cutler and by doctoral candidate and teaching assistants Alexandre Rivard and Nick Phin.

Notion was used as the central platform for course materials and note, plus all group collaboration and the final delivery of this website. Thank you to Notion for providing free access to the Team plan for this course.

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