Talk to us in #resource-pack to learn more.

Artists work mainly on the resourcepack, in many different ways. We use GitHub to collaborate on the resourcepack, so anyone can help out without requesting anything from us (we'll make a tutorial for that soon). The page can be found here:

There are also pages in Notion to keep track of relics or creatures Creature Modelling

There is also a page to keep track of all the different custom


Note: You don't need to open an application for this role, just go in the #resource-pack channel on Discord and ask for help.


Artists draw textures for various things in the resourcepack. This includes GUI, items, mobs, etc...


Modellers mainly create custom mobs and relics. Some people also specialize in creating textures for mobs.

Art director

Decides what the general look of the resourcepack should be and gets other artists to do stuff. Works with designers to figure out what models for things need to be done and gives that work out to artists and modellers to do. Can also make art and models of their own.