👋🏾 What's in a name?

My name in Chinese is 浩知 (Hao Chi).

I often wonder what stroke of inspiration, or presumptuous insanity, led my parents to give me this name. The character 浩 is an adjective describing vastness, all-encompassing. The character 知 means to know. Put together, it would seem like I am The Oracle. In reality, I am just another bite-sized stardust hurling at tens of thousands of kilometres through the cosmos on this inimitable space-rock.

I have always found that a comforting thought for some reason. Me, in my grand insignificance, amid a universe so daunting and complex. So in my infinite unknowing, I try to piece together my understanding of the fabric of reality, word by word.

Mayhaps one day too then, may I gleam even just a taste of what it would be like to live up to my namesake.