If you opened this page you are a curious one. Nice to meet you 🙏🏼

Shortly about me.

Born and raised in the Republic of Moldova, in a family of simple villagers. My parents lived, and still do, a very humble life as a medical assistant and construction worker in Bascalia. My childhood was mostly about farm work and running around (barefoot during summers).

Early on, I believed that formal education is the key to the future, so I made sure to be a top student through high school and college. But, once I have discovered AIESEC and adopted a life-learning philosophy, I dropped out of university and ventured into tech startups. AIESEC was the seed for my current career in Learning & Development field.

I spent about 10 years building tech ventures and contributing to various social enterprises across Austria, Netherlands, India, France, USA, and China.

In 2016 I decided to get 💯 into L&D and pursued a Master Degree in Learning Sciences and Education Technology at Learning Planet Institute [University of Paris]. After my studies I stayed at the Institute and worked for almost 3 years on setting up a global network dedicated to the reform of education in line with UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Currently living and working in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Learning to be a good parent and enjoy life next to the awesome Ana Negara.

On the side, doubling in podcasting, running, doodling and occasionally learning some random skills that keep my curiosity engaged.

For more info on my professional journey connect on LinkedIn, else say hi on Twitter.