Hey, I’m Izzy! 👋

Not only do I love to design, but I also love to learn, and take on multiple roles to challenge myself to grow.

Some of the most important and critical growth we make is done outside our comfort zones, and I love to take that philosophy with me through my personal and professional life.

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I love to cook... and eat it too 🍴

<aside> ❓ Did you know that mushrooms can never be overcooked? I definitely didn’t learn this the hard way


Ever since the pandemic started I’ve been learning how to make different recipes and try new foods. It’s been really fun to try out different ingredients and learn how to make my favourite restaurant recipes from scratch.


Creating safe spaces to have fun 🧘‍♀️

<aside> ❓ Fun fact: I hosted Question of the Day Trivia for my friends for 125 days in a row!


Covid certainly hasn’t stopped me from having fun with friends. I love to host online game nights for work, and create video game or movie events with my circle. Here are some sample Trivia questions for you to try:

I’ve always had a passion for creating 🎨

Ever since I was in elementary school I’ve always had a passion for creating art, and that certainly hasn’t stopped or slowed down today. I’ve always had a keen interest in photography, set design, watercolour painting, sculpting, chalk art, wood burning, and so much more.

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