To avoid writing a TL;DR kind of text, here are two bulled based versions:

Professional version

Life version

First attended a Montessori school and then went on to a rather preppy grammar school, graduated in 2017.

Started working for myself right after.

3 most impactful experiences professionally:

3 things I'm proud to have contributed to:

Born in Duiven, a little town in the East of the Netherlands. Raised in a happy, down-to-earth family consisting of my sister, little brother, my parents and me.

Casa Emma is currently based right between Amsterdam and the beach.

Kind of decent cook, getting better every day. My growing competency flourishes on stress because nothing relaxes me like cooking.

Avid reader — highly dependent on my e-reader.

Biggest dream is to one day have a bathtub. Oh, and to lead peace negotiations for the UN. That too.