On a Venn-diagram, you can find me at the intersection of software engineering, strategy consulting, and entrepreneurship.

By trade I am a software and machine learning engineer, but I would like to think that I can confidently wear additional hats.

Below you can learn about what I am doing right now, and what I’ve done in the past.

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McKinsey & Company, QuantumBlack

You say data — I say advanced analytics enabled top and bottomline growth opportunity.

At McKinsey I’ve helped organizations globally to shape their data and AI strategy. I mainly did work related to advanced analytics, data, and enterprise architecture. I might have also been involved with one or the other digital transformation. ****I also led the overall technical delivery of one of McKinsey’s largest data and analytics engagements to date. I have done a significant amount of work in Pharma, Advanced Manufacturing, Marketing, Telecommunications, and Banking.

📖 More about my advanced analytics work at McKinsey & Company, QuantumBlack.


After winding down my startup, I joined Fitbit right after the acquisition of Twine Health. My objective was to help integrate the new acquisition and to work on Fitbit Health Solutions (FHS). I spent most of my time on architecture and fixing immediate performance issues. Only a short stint, but great people. Simply didn’t see myself at that point in my life working with a legacy stack for the next 1-2 years. Fitbit got acquired, and is now part of Google.


I co-founded Cryptonite Technologies with the goal to provide seamless access to all alt-coins using fiat. Back then Coinbase only offered Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. We eventually built a crypto-asset brokerage and portfolio management platform, and developed technology to execute order flow across multiple exchanges. Led engineering, recruiting, fundraising, marketing, etc..

We grew the team to a size of 10, before we unfortunately had to wind it down. We ran out of money and had only minimal traction and product market fit. In addition, back then the technical challenge was over my head. What a ride though. Best thing I’ve done in my life and would do it again in a blink (but differently given my knowledge now 😄).

IBM Research

I spent almost 4 years with IBM globally working on a variety of topics, but mainly database and machine learning related.