I see myself as a curious person interested in a lot of things. Above all, I love all about writing, product management, SEO, online game communities, and lately on how to live more with less.

I usually write on Medium, and update my timeline at Polywork. On DeviantArt, I share some of my hobbies including drawing and photography. I’m also on Goodreads. Seldom, I play chess. You can find me mostly active on Twitter, and on Duolingo - let’s follow each other and keep ourselves accountable!

As a native Portuguese speaker, I can understand Spanish, and a bit of French and Italian. After living for 2 years in The Netherlands, I can also read and understand a bit of Dutch. Currently, I'm learning Spanish and German.

I'm a huge dreamer. For now, my biggest dreams include volunteering at Eurovision, make it to The New York Times (still no idea how), and become as minimal as I can. Later on, I'd love to visit Australia and South Korea, become fluent in 4 languages, and have a big family.

<aside> 🤝 Movements I relate to: