About this Community

The We Can Fix It In UI Discord was formed in March 2019, as a result of a couple UI Designer friends getting together to play some games, and wanting a way to stay in touch.

Today, the community boasts over 1,600 members from around the world, united by a common passion for Game UI.

About This Wiki

The site you are on now was introduced in September 2020 as a way to better capture the incredible list of resources we have accrued over time, but have always struggled to maintain easy-to-find records of.

Wiki vs Discord Content

The most straightforward way to think about what kind of content goes where, is that the Discord is mostly focused on short-term relevance and/or conversational content, whereas the Wiki is intended to store the more long-term, 'timeless' content.


I'm not part of the Community yet. How can I get in and join the fun?

Please send a message to one of the members of our .

Please note that for the safety of our closed community, that we operate under strict admission guidelines and that entry is not guaranteed.

How can I request to get something added, corrected, or removed from the Wiki?

Please message Dorian Stewart on Discord.

Content Usage

<aside> ✅ You may use, share, remix, adapt, and/or build upon any of the content found on this site, in both commercial and non-commercial settings, as long as done for free. Although we appreciate a hat-tip or a backlink, you are also free to do the above without giving credit.