Generating AI content is a wonderful way to get new, unique copy. We are very proud of the AI system, and we are glad that we can offer it to you so it can help you with your copy the same way its helped us. However, running and maintaining the AI is a complicated and very expensive project. To manage this, we need to use the credits system.

What are credits?

Simply put, credits are used to generate AI content. Each credit represents an amount of AI power. You have a certain amount of credits. Every time you generate content with the AI, one or multiple credits are subtracted from your total. When you're out of credits, you can not generate any more AI content until you've got new credits on your account.

Your total amount of available credits is shared across all types of AI content.

This credit system is only used when generating AI Copy and AI Landing Page content. Content in the Template, Document and Inspiration categories does not require credits to use.

Note: the AI generator offers two AI types you can use to generate content: Davinci and Curie. Davinci costs is the default option. Curie costs less credits to use, but the results will be of lower quality. You can read more about that here.

What types of credits are there?

The credits system uses three different types of credits. When working on AI content you can always see them neatly lined up to the top right of your window.

How many credits does it cost to generate content?

Different content requires different amounts of AI power to generate. Since we want to be as fair as possible with these credits, we've made it so that each type of content only costs as many credits as necessary.

When you're about to generate copy, the button will show you how many credits it will cost. Every click of the button will cost the amount of credits shown. In other words, for the amount shown you will get seven pieces of unique copy. For a full overview of the amount of credits required for any given content, check the table below.