"Confine yourself to the present" - Marcus Aurelius

What does the word "confine" remind you of?

Let me guess. It reminds you of words like restrictions or constraints.

Indeed, confine is often defined as "to keep someone or something closed in a place". But think of it this way, the word confine can also elicit a positive meaning, similar to what Marcus Aurelius quoted.

Written in his private notes for his own guidance, the renowned philosopher wants to bring out one simple message: focus on the present. In other words, if you confine yourself or your activities to something, you are fully committed and devoted to that certain thing.


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Julius Chan - Creator

Hi there! I am the creator of Reconfine. I have been working on this side project to summarize and organize what I have learnt as a student majoring in economics and finance.

As a native Chinese and Japanese speaker, I translated and curated a database of economics and finance terminologies. If you are planning to work in a Chinese or Japanese company, or you are a translator who are unfamiliar with vocabularies in the financial industry, our ever-expanding database of terminologies can definitely be helpful to you.