Welcome to Infrastructure ("Infra") Groups! We're excited for you to explore all the areas that create a thriving and sustainable city.

These 6 groups spearhead our efforts across power, water, waste, shelter, food, and transportation and make up the core categories for sustainable measurement. They showcase the various green technologies of the future and the way we reach Burning Man's 2030 Environmental Sustainability Goals.

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Vision: Our Dreams for BRC 2030

Mission: How We'll Get There


Check out what each group is up to and how you can get involved:

Power:  Migrating towards more efficient power usage and renewable energy generation.

Waste:  Reducing, reusing, recycling, pre-cycling, up-cycling, and composting.

Food:  Purchasing, serving, and promoting sustainable food and food systems.

Water:  Closed-loop water management systems, for efficient water usage and disposal.

Shelter:  Efficient structure designs that require fewer resources to transport, store, build, heat, and cool.

Transportation:  Reducing and offsetting emissions due to travel, to and from the event.