I’m Arth. I’m 19. I build (mostly) web apps and produce music.

I don’t like spending time building a personal website or one of those fancy portfolio websites generated from themes.

I think it’s an exercise in futility building anything beyond what provides extraneous information on your presence in this world. Or- not, I don’t necessarily subscribe to my principles religiously, I do whatever makes me feel good. It can be implied that I believe in being a hypocrite as long as you are aware of it and it advances whatever your agenda is. Self might not necessarily come first but self-interests based on your understanding on the world. This is not as atrocious as it sounds. If you’re a rational being, view the world without a lot of biases (some biases are inherent; I’m referring to ones that do not come from a place of logic), it can be argued that your self-interests are aligned with what’s good for the world that you are a part of.

Ok, I’ll admit this is an extremely weird “About” page.