Hullo! I’m Amy, and I recently completed my undergraduate degree in Environmental Engineering ****at Cornell. During my time there, I also served as a captain of the Women's Gymnastics Team, dialogue course facilitator, and pre-orientation outdoors guide.

I'm currently a field scientist at a watershed nonprofit, and exploring what comes next. Just excited to continue learning about how our planet, society, and politics ****all connect.

this site

In 2020, amid the global pandemic (and privilege) that granted me a copious amount of time, I started creation this site to keep track of things I'm learning and thinking about.

Something that comes to mind for me is Robin Sloan's Fish tap essay: that this construction could be "a kind of manifesto about the difference between liking something on the internet and loving something on the internet." It's nice to have a space that stays put in our a never-ending stream of digital content.