💡What is regen, or non-degenerate degens?

Degen is used to describe risk taking gambling in poker gamers and has increasingly been used to describe crypto gamblers. However, for us, this word has a different connotations. Being crypto degen means always being the the first product tester with upmost curiosity.Therefore it brings us to an opposite meaning of degen, namely, regenerative supporters of the network.

We were the earliest supporter/buildr/participants of: Ethereum, 0x, MakerDAO, Cryptokitties, Decentraland, Uniswap, Compound, AAVE [EthLend], yearn.fi, dYdX Expo, Arbitrum and many other category defining crypto products. We were early not because we understood thoroughly what NFT And DeFi would offer about back then, but simply because we were curious.

Having genuine curiosity and authenticity in these crypto primitives led us to where we are today and will continue helping us discover the future of Web 3.

💡What is a Web 3 Buidler/Tester/Player studio ?

0x992 and bitbear started our journey in crypto in 2017 as one of the earliest DeFi Builder/Tester and crypto investment professional respectively. However, increasingly we found the best way to learn about crypto is just like being a player in the old Dragon and Dungeons game: you take on small explorations into new places and earn rewards, and sometimes collect the loot dropped along the way.

Every participant will be rewarded for the little adventures you take, ie earning comments and likes on a web3 social media platform, Beta testing a new product, voting in governance proposals, or pre-approving token for a bonding curve auction finished within one block (thanks, stargate). Web 3 is a world for builders and players. And our goal is to help buidlers buidl a better open source Web 3 experience for all players.

💡How does it work?

***We buidl and help buidl new crypto primitives through Proof of Work and Proof of Stake.

Proof of Work:*** Crypto is a fast moving world with constant changes in both tech stack and business models. We hold weekly sessions with founders and keep them updated on what and why we think some particular new primitives are worth looking into or experimenting with.

Proof of Stake: We also manage make investment based on our belief in Composability and Legolization. We believe that ideas flow more freely in open source Web3, enabling a more swift development method for products/smart contracts and the interoperability between them. Therefore, communication within and between Web3 communities are more essential than their closed source Web2 counterparts.