We are two pre-health students who met in undergrad. Our friendship blossomed over 6am coffee runs to Philz and day-long study sessions sipping Philharmonics and Mint Mojitos. We later lived and studied together in Washington D.C. for a short while where we took an International Policy class together (shoutout to our professor, Mike). In that class, we discussed global news each week. We loved learning about current events and hearing other peoples' takes on these matters. We are particularly interested in starting conversations about health topics and raising awareness for health related issues. This podcast is an opportunity for us to educate ourselves and we hope that you can learn along with us!

Meet Sabrina


Sabrina is currently a first year pharmacy student. Having completed a Bachelor's degree in Pharmacological Chemistry, she hopes to combine her interests in chemistry and business to pursue a career in industry pharmacy. When not studying, you can find her exploring local coffee shops, trying new fitness classes, or stress baking. In this current panini, she has perfected the art of baking carrot cake and tried out several Tiktok viral skincare products. Lastly, she enjoys watching Money Heist to destress after work.

Meet Miranda


Miranda is a recent Public Health graduate and aspiring physician. Having studied public health, she is passionate about integrating a biopsychosocial understanding of healthcare with clinical care to improve patients' health outcomes and overall satisfaction with their treatment. Aside from her interest in health, wellness, and medicine, Miranda has many hobbies including dance, painting, embroidering, and making mixed drinks. As a result of this panny, Miranda has been spending time Zooming with friends, playing Skribblio, and watching Money Heist with Sab over teleparty :)