📕 Our Story

Born during a strange time...

The foundation for Anomaly Science emerged in March of 2020. Two teenaged hackers were looking forward to attending a hackathon during spring break, but their plans were shattered when tragedy struck. The event had been canceled due to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Still wanting to build their project, the pair continued forward forming a company as an alternative.

Endings and New Beginnings

The pair quickly discovered that running a company was hard, especially at such a young age. Both had other project ideas they wished to work on, and lacked much of the essential knowledge for running a business. This, among other things, took a toll on the pair's friendship, leading to a rift. Eventually, the two went their separate ways, with the fate of the company belonging to one of the partners, our founder, Jacob Haap. Reflecting on their past issues, he noticed a huge problem. Many people with great ideas do not have the skills to make them happen on their own, and the task of assembling a team and starting a company would be discouraging to many, leading to many potentially great ideas never seeing the light of day. From here, Jacob rebranded the company as Anomaly Science and set out on a journey to solve the problem, bringing forth the concept of Particles.

⚛️ Particles

<aside> ⚛️ "Particles are the solution that makes bringing your ideas to life easier. Let's say you have an idea for an app. While that is great in and of itself, deploying it can be quite complex. Without the proper support system, things can crumble very quickly. You need to form a team, protect your ideas, manage things financially, and so on, which can be quite the burden. With Particles, this burden gets relieved."



👋 Our Team

Anomaly Science would not be possible without our amazing team. We are run by a diverse group from many different walks of life, whose combined varieties of backgrounds and experiences help make us unique.

Core Team

Jacob Haap - Chief Executive Officer

Claire Wang - Chief Operating Officer

Kai Musk - Chief Technical Officer