"Our mission is to cultivate a culture of design-thinking while empowering student designers to flourish in their crafts." - Us.

Nice, what does that mean for me?

Glad you hypothetically asked! We host critique sessions, community projects, design software workshops, as well as a bunch of introductory sessions to bring more people in the wonderful world of design! And, as you might have correctly assumed, a lot of designer-friendly chill vibes.

Okay, how do I get involved?

You're really on fire with these imagined questions today, we're quite impressed. Our community is very relaxed and open to all with an interest in design, and while we'd love to say "just join up and vibe out", we know that's likely not what you were looking for.

Here's a helpful walk-through instead:

  1. Sign-up as an official™️ club member here.
  2. Get to know our Club Executives.
  3. Join our top-tier Discord Server.
  4. Come to a few of our Events.
  5. Try out some of our Design Challenges.

And that's about that! We're thrilled to have you be a part of our growing community. Check out the rest of our hub here (UBCO Design Club old) - Welcome to UBCO Design!