“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” — Benjamin Franklin

With those simple words, Ben Franklin gave us a gift, that if diligently applied, can create infinite value and fulfillment in our lives. We take this gift seriously at Saltwater, starting every conversation with a new company from a position of humility, curiosity, and an understanding that operators have insights that we are privileged to learn from. We help builders build and ensure that the learning, throughout our partnership, never stops. At Saltwater, we operate shoulder to shoulder. We have no corner offices, no ivory towers. We prefer the trenches.

Saltwater is a private investment company that owns and operates a family of businesses.

We started building a venture portfolio that is now 28 companies making an impact and showing great results. We are lucky to call these founders our friends. Over time, we found it more fulfilling to be deeply involved with our portfolio companies, so we began making larger investments into fewer deals, focusing on slightly more mature, profitable companies. Given the depth of our involvement and our long-term partnership, we call this model "partner equity."

As practical investors, we are value-driven, and as practical entrepreneurs, we are values-driven.

People matter most. Life is short. We want to spend it with great people who will challenge us and help us grow. We surround ourselves with those who are authentic, honest, intelligent, and who push us to learn and be better every day.

Focus on the long-term. Since we don't have arbitrary investment horizons (with a single LP), we truly partner with entrepreneurs for the long-haul. We're patient investors focused on building value over time, even when that means years or decades. We believe strongly in the power of patience and compound interest.

Leave the planet better for our kids. We partner with companies that provide attractive returns, not only financially but also to society and the environment. Given nature's gifts have shaped our life experiences, we feel indebted to protect our planet and preserve its beauty for future generations. We don't believe profit has to sacrifice the planet.

While our capital is the product of a great venture outcome, we found we are more Berkshire than Benchmark, though we admire both firms. By taking a majority ownership position in our companies, we can be patient and balance long term growth with sustainable profitability. As operators turned investors, we are comfortable investing earlier than most private equity firms, and support operators in the details that most investors wouldn't touch. This approach gives us the opportunity to buy companies at lower valuations knowing our support in the details will add significant value as a business reaches scale.

Our experience has shown that companies at this stage can always benefit from improved operations, and the founders who value continual improvement welcome our input. Our decisions typically support whatever path will maximize the probability of a positive outcome. The output of this strategy combines significant value creation and a substantial reduction of risk. We like that hard work creates value and see that as a lasting competitive advantage.

We love the trenches and structure our operational involvement into the Saltwater Operating System made up of these 4 pillars:

In many cases, a heavy operational hand is unnecessary. Due to our deep respect for the operator, while we will certainly have a perspective, we practice discretion in implementing SOS.

Will we only invest in technology companies? Yes. Because we believe all companies are technology companies.

Part of the inspiration to create Saltwater was my first investment into a microbrewery. This company started with a great product, a great brand, and a smart founder. But it wasn't until a 2-hour walking meeting with the founder that I learned he'd personally coded an analytics tool to predict when an account was going to finish a keg of beer. When the software alerted the sales team that the keg of beer was likely to be finished, the company would pre-empt that and deliver a new keg. They would also internally manage distribution, increasing gross margins by roughly 30% in the process. Oh, and they also internally built the software used to manage distribution activities. Was this a beer company or a tech company? It doesn't matter. It was a great investment.

After almost a decade driving one of the world's fastest growing technology companies we have broad operating experience ready to be shared with our partners, supporting them in the inevitable challenges of growing a company. We build trust through that support, and the patience it takes build an organization that lasts. From the moment we meet a company to the close of a transaction, working with the Saltwater team feels different, and welcomed by owners. We're atypical. We're not private equity. We're not venture capital. We've built. Our partner equity is welcomed while other investment is 'stomached'. If we do our job correctly, it will start a relationship that starts strong and remains that way for decades.