Moundation is an abbreviation for Metamotive Foundation. The foundation will help us complete our vision based on the community. It is also the last step of our positive ecological cycle: when we get benefits, we should go back to the beginning, inspire the creator's ecology with real money, and give back the value of design to the creators.



  1. After every Season sale ends, part of the amount will be transferred and kept in the team's Gnosis safe wallet. In Season 1, More than 30% sales will be stored in Moundation.
  2. The profits generated from all activities initiated by Metamotive DAO will return to Moundation to realize a virtuous circle, for example the profits from the sales of works chosen from global design contests.

Gnosis Safe Wallet Address: 0xEb5519fC96E91f3E271C8b789f2E62bd593FeA8f


The property of the foundation will be mainly used for the following purposes in the future:

  1. Hold a co-creation competition in the designer and artist community, which will be voted by Metamotive DAO, help the winners become invited artists, and mint their work in the next season's drops.
  2. Collect opinions and needs in Metamotive DAO, design and produce physical products, airdrop them to collectors, or sell them as peripheral products.
  3. All other activities initiated by Metamotive DAO within a reasonable range.

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