Our Vision

We are envisioning a decentralized and open-to-all community connecting artists and collectors in a new form. Through web3 tools, we can evolutionalize the primitive contractual relationship to release the true value of ‘Design’ from stereotypical brand background and cognition, thus empower both the real-world and virtual industry. To realize our vision, Metamotive DAO is created.

DAO Members

Team & Artists

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Phase I

DAO's fund pool will be temporarily managed by the core team. All internal affairs will be decided through fair voting before execution. Transactions will be made with Gnosis safe (multi-signature wallet) to reach the minimal requirements of a partially autonomous organization.

Phase II

Once the community’s population reaches a certain number, The autonomy right in the form of initiating activities / participating / voting will start to be gradually distributed to each DAO member. Each member of the community will be able to enjoy all rights and interests guaranteed based on their contribution. Every member will have the possibility to contribute to the project’s further development directions, especially on the use of Moundation’s Properties**.**

Phase III

A smart contract will be released. Tokens will be airdropped to artists and collectors. These tokens will be utilized in all transactions/collections/transfers. Fully autonoumous society will be released. The core team will go behind the scene and the project will be fully supervised by smart contract.

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