<aside> ℹ️ My Twitter is https://twitter.com/garysheng — I’m pretty accessible via DMs there.


Hopefully this document answers a whole bunch of questions you have about me.

If I were to boil down who i am into one sentence, it’s that I am a US-based technologist, creator, and civic entrepreneur dedicated to building tools, systems, and movements that accelerate human and planetary flourishing (and ultimately help build toward a Golden Age for humanity).

I explore multiple times a week how we “level up America” on my Substack.


As of December 2023, I am full time building Zuzalu with Vitalik Buterin and other people I admire.

The goal is to build a global community that accelerates innovation at the intersection of crypto and other frontier tech fields like AI, biotech, and neurotech; as well as partnering with local leaders around the world to catalyze IRL innovation ecosystems.

Other commitments include…

There is never a dull moment.

In terms of passions, nothing excites me more than helping budding superheroes realize their superpowers and connecting previously siloed people, ideas, + practices. Our differences are our greatest gifts.

When we work together, almost anything is possible.

A few of the top questions I am currently exploring are:

  1. How do we build systems that provide reliable streams of funding for the “Public Greats” of the world (who do so much for the public good but are almost always chronically underfunded)?