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Hey, Chloe here! 👋

I like wearing many hats–studying the health sciences, personally pursuing marketing, design, and product, and working with different teams to create impact in mental health and sustainability.

My work mainly focuses on things I align with–building brands I resonate with, educating the youth, designing for a cause, and mobilizing communities.

Alongside the hustle, I'm an avid productivity and wellness nerd who is immensely interested in learning, wellness, and personal development. 🌊

What I Do

💪 I help build start-ups through all-around marketing and design.

I aim to incorporate versatility in the works that I do. Right now, my roles allow me to experience the different areas of marketing from public relations, content marketing, graphic design, product, and more.

🗣 I empower.

I focus in works for mental health and the environment. Most of the projects I work with gear towards youth empowerment through education. Some of the ones I've recently been involved with are Chili Padi Academy 2020 and SEALNet Project Philippines 2020.

✍️ I speak and write.

As a speaker, I like hosting, debate, and random bursts of speaking. I hope to educate and mobilize people in the fields of mental health, sustainability, and leadership. As an attempting writer, I hope to publish more in Medium while pouring my heart out through my personal blog.

👩‍🏫 I love learning!

I've always been keen about consistent self-improvement. I published a digital garden 🪴online and am now a Linking Your Thinking Cohort 4 scholar! 💭

Asides from that...

I like music (catch my mess at Spotify or Soundcloud!), have an obsession with personality tests, love depth and meaning, and just learned how to ride a bike.

Let's chat? Contact me at 💌 cabrasada@gmail.com.

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