ML Developer who has run companies, can be a one-man tech team (AI + full stack web + basic iOS apps), and has a fairly good network in the media and think-tank communities

Key past achievements

  1. [Jan - Jun 2020]: Created a news article automation service and sold it to large media companies in India. 120M+ unique IPs accessed our content. Clients: Times of India, Hindustan Times
  2. [Sep 2017 - Present]: Created a general-purpose data and AI products company. Scaled it from $0-$180k in annual revenue as a solo-founder and only full-time employee in 3 years. Sold products from as low as S$200/month to as high as S$80,000/year. Key Clients: Times of India, NUS ISAS, Essel Group, [confidential government department], Brookings Institution
  3. [May - Dec 2015]: Led Product and Data-Science at a startup in Singapore. Created a Google Analytics + Outbrain + Optimizely product. Could've gone somewhere, but I left after becoming aware of the fundraising situation of the company (investors already had 70% of the company for <$3M raised). Clients: Singapore Press Holdings, Khaleej Times, National Bookstore (Philippines), Carro

Operating Principles

Things I've built

Fitcam: a camera-based fitness coach (2019)

Please watch with the sound on

Automated bundling [2020]

Automated video creation (pre-alpha version) (2020)

Every single thing in this video was automatically generated (the voiceover, the text, the graphs, the actual content). Still a very, very early version with a lot of things to improve automated reports with data viz and real-time scraping (2020)

Sample automated articles developed by

HWZ Trends: a "Google Trends" like interface for Forums, with a focus on keywords (2018)

Deck at Screenshots below:

Name and image to ethnicity prediction (2018)