I’m a Taiwanese-American software engineer based in California. In 2019, I graduated from UC Berkeley (Go Bears!) where I studied cognitive science and human-computer interaction. I was involved with Innovative Design, teaching and making design more accessible in the Berkeley community to which I owe much. After working for two years as a freelance web designer, I pivoted to software engineering in 2021.

I find pride in software that provides high-quality user experiences, real solutions, and thoughtful interactions. Aside from work, I like surfing, hiking, and reading my Kindle.‎

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What I've been up to

I completed a web development bootcamp via App Academy. Through that experience, I grew my skills in some key technologies (Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, SQL, React, Redux, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, AWS) and I built some cool projects along the way. Right now, I’m building new projects to master TypeScript, Next.js, GraphQL, and CSS animations.

I’m actively seeking full-time software engineering roles! View my resume.

Talk to me about

<aside> 💻 The future of the web I’m passionate about Jamstack, React, TypeScript, and where we go from here.


<aside> 🎨 Your favorite way to write CSS Are you a fan of CSS-in-JS? Tailwind CSS? Sass with BEM? CSS has the potential for so much controversy.


<aside> 🏜️ Dune My favorite sci-fi book and film.


<aside> 🧦 Anything fashion-related Learning by imitating. You can find some of my inspiration on Pinterest.


<aside> 🤷 Making the most of your twenties Still figuring this one out!


Brandon Fang