"I don’t know where I’m at right now, but I’m on my way!" - VB

Me in 10 seconds

I’m a Student Researcher at University of Stuttgart (Computational Linguistics) focusing on extracting better insights from Text + Audio.

I’ve been a freelancer, tax analyst, consultant, tech speaker and advisor for the past 5 years. I’ve invested significant time in past 3 years volunteering for open source and science organisations like Hugging Face, EuroPython, PyCons across APAC, Google Cloud Delhi, Facebook Developer Circles.

Delhi native, I now live in Germany!

What am I doing now?


Me in 10 Minutes

I’m an engineer at heart, who likes to fix more things than he breaks. I’m currently researching niche Audio Understanding, Enhancement and Generation systems at the University of Stuttgart. I’ve consulted across the board from Startups to Fortune technology 10 firms to help them build ML into their day-to-day workflows and make better sense of unstructured data silos. I’ve spent the better part of past 5 years exploring the world of Data, Linguistics and Math.

In addition to my research, I’ve been cultivating Machine Learning for Audio study group with the Hugging Face community. I was also recently made a Hugging Face Fellow for my advocacy work.

I’m always game for research collaborations and freelance consulting work. Head over to Talks and Consulting to know more about how I can create value for you and your organisation. Drop me a line at vaibhav.srivastav@proton.me and we’ll figure out the rest! ;)

Timeline for context

2014: Marketing + Sales funnel analytics for Microsoft Lumia campaigns in India.

2016: Freelance Data Analytics + Visualisation for Print + Social Media agencies.