I’m excited for technology’s potential to disrupt medicine. Whether it’s through deep learning in diagnostics, natural language processing in automation, I’m hopeful that innovative technologies can transform the patient-doctor relationship for the better. As a student in the intersection of medicine and computer science, I’m keen to be apart of this change, but also wary of the importance of getting it right.

I consider ‘deep listening’ one of my strengths. I believe that so much can be learnt from listening to people’s stories; through spoken words, through movies and art (Everything, Everywhere, All At Once, BoJack Horseman), or through podcasts (Huberman Lab, Healthy Gamer).

I’m a glutton for productivity tools and beautiful software. Having been introduced to Notion in high school, I’ve obsessed over it since - big fan of using Google Calendar and being ruthlessly efficient.

I enjoy being in a state of ‘flow’. I love activities that make you lose track of time - whether that’s jamming on the piano, singing your heart out in karaoke, or being in the zone with badminton or the gym.

People are the most important part of my life. Having grown up in a tight community in East Auckland, I care most about relationships, family, and friends.